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We are a small pc gaming community that allows its members to play for fun & rate.
Its a new place to make friends and talk about anything.

This community was born on 5 Apr 2016 with the name Crazy Legends. Suddenly it came to an end and we decided to reopen it on 20 Aug 2016 with the name Ultimate Gaming. We are students, So we don't have that much time to play. But if we do we make it the best!

Ultimate Gaming is a gaming community open to everyone, however, the minimum age is 14+.
Being mature and respectful is a requirement.
We do not accept racists, fools, whiners & cheaters

Everyone is able to join our server.
We don't want cheaters, troublemakers or spammers!
We have resently installed N!tMod.
Our server was successfully updated and is now running 24/7.
Any questions or suggestions? Visit our forums.

N!tmod 2.2 | ET 2.60b / 2.55 | 20+2 Slots | Fast Download ON

The Ultimate Gaming Community.